Went to watch the dinosaurs

Yesterday we took the kids to a mobile Dinosaour musseum at the main park in the town. They were pretty exited to watch them, although a bit scary for Diego and Sofia they enjoyed.

Ana seems to enjoy it a the begin.

You know what should be in the next CES?

Really, since I moved from Puebla, I had video calls with my parents more frequently, I use the Apple TV so I can “mirror” my iPad screen there so my three kids can see them.

The advantage is that, they can see their grandparents in a big screen, the problem, they often start talking to the screen 😂.

How to solve that?🤔  Having the web cam in the TV, and the freaking videocall app in the TV.

If today’s TVs are so smart, why there is no Facebook Messenger app there?. It would be amazing to have a web cam (you can always put black tape there) and microphone directly in the TV so you can easily do videocalls.

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