(Reblog) HotKeys on Windows using Python


This post comes  from the old blog.

A few weeks ago, I have to write a program in PyGTK that was supposed to be all the time in the background. This application needs to run over Microsoft Windows, and hide in the notification area, wich in Windows is near to the clock.

One of challenges for me in this application is that as it must run in the background there must be a way to raise it, the most easy way to do it is by force the user to click on the small icon in the notification area, but in this case, that was impossible because the computer don’t have any mouse, everything is done with the keyboard.

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Moto Z and Moto Mods review – YouTube

Interesting phone, the Moto Z is beautiful to me, although with some design issues (in my opinion) like the fact that the speaker is in the top front, the exact same speaker you use to hear your calls, I hope it doesn’t start playing a loud alarm when you are in the middle of a call.

What calls to my attention is how pretty and how well designed they are, I definitively will go for the force version because of the battery and the shatter-proof display, having a device that is strong enough so you can avoid a protective case helps a lot because you are seeing the well design device (not just a beautiful one with something on top that hides it).

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iPad mini suddenly won’t turn on? Change Power Management ic – YouTube

So… I’m watching videos of how to repair an iPad (mini) that does not boot, it’s not even recognised by the computer when connected via USB 😔.

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Don’t show a particular category on blog homepage

For a long time I have this feeling that providing content to social networks is similar to give them money. I usually don’t get a thing when posting or sharing content there, at least not something different than my friends/followers noticing that.

So, I’d like to use my blog for the sharing stuff, but sometimes that thing that I’m sharing is just too dump to be in the homepage. I didn’t knew how to hide posts from the homepage in a quick way. There is a plugin that let you set where the post could be seen (like in archives, search and stuff like that), but is not what I’m looking for, I want something simple.

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The man died trying to kill, the bull killed trying to stay alive


Sad the bullfighter died. Now the bull has to die and all its family (quite probably this already happened). I don’t see a reason to keep this kind of events alive. What’s the reason to have to kill an animal that doesn’t know that the hell is happening. Just by sport?, feeling superior to other species?

It’s not fair, most adults have the ability kill a bull (with a weapon), I don’t see something respectable in fighting a bull that has been bleeding, that was deteriorated before the “fight”, a fight that is expected to lose. The only way to win is to provide a “good” show, but the bull doesn’t know about that, it is not trained to do that and the chances to do it are pretty low.

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