I understand people wants to do things on their own way

But when you had prove that your way is the wrong way, when you have prove that there’s a more efficient, more effective way. When your way in some form disrespect others… why would you keep it?

To me, there’s no reason and I must change as soon as I realize that my way is the wrong way. 

How to deal with someone that does not realize this ? I just don’t know . 

I think it is a matter of patience, trying to understand what the hell they are trying to achieve and why they are doing it, but if you can’t I think the best you can do is just let it go.  Just leave. 

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Libros de programación gratis!!


Para mis amigos interesados en aprender a programar, principalmente los que le tienen el ojo echado a Python, O’Reilly ofrece 20 libros en forma electrónica para descarga.

Hay libros de varias categorías, entre ellas Python, Java, Open Source y arquitectura de software. Lo mejor es que se pueden descargar en tres formatos principales: ePub (iBooks), mobi (Kindle) o el mas universal PDF, además se pueden guardar directamente a Google Drive.

Bien por O’Reilly!!

Solo sigan este enlace. Eso sí, necesitan saber inglés 😆

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So, I put the firmware password in my Mac and the I forgot it 😭

Well, not really forgotten, the thing is that I was unable to access to recovery or boot to another disk (like the recovery in time machine disks) because the Mac have the firmware password.

Why a firmware password?. Well, to protect your machine in case of being stolen/lost. The password will stop the boot process if the boot disk is not the one that was present when the password was set. Also stop booting to recovery/USB/Super Drive.

This firmware plus FileVault (disk encryption) will prevent getting your data or use your mac without permission. 

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