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Trying iOS 11.3 beta 2… getting back a. Bit of the speed

I see iOS 11 like Windows Vista / 8 were to Windows 7/10, the unfinished version of the OS. The banana product.. send it green, let it mature in customers hands.

iOS 11.3 seems to give back the speed of my old iPad mini (2nd gen), the keyboard was specially laggy and I presume it was the OS under powering the CPU. Now it is quite more responsive, although I don’t see any option in the battery section (settings) like in the iPhone.

I think I’ll be fine with a two year period between “mayor” os updates if that period brings really finish, polished OS. read more

Big news.. you can message from your computer… wait, wasn’t that the former way to do that??

With all this mobile thing many companies just refused to support computers as part of their “multi platform “ strategy, Android and iOS is their main target and is something that grind my gears… most popular IM services does not have a native app for the desktop. Sometimes just a web baked interface… sometimes not even that.

Could Google finally be getting serious about taking on iMessage?

Source: Android Messages may soon let you text from the web – The Verge

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Apple HomePod review  // A downgraded Siri with really nice speakers that plays only from Apple Sources

Although I’m pretty sure people is going to buy this thing, I bet it will be more like the big Apple book, expensive and not worth it.

I think something like this would be better: Kaiser MSA-7908BTE Kit de Bafle Amplificador Inalámbrico con Bluetooth y Micrófono, 4,200 W, color negro

I mean, why you would get a speaker?. To listen to Music/movies, and lets face it, Apple is not the main source of them. Spotify is the king of music streaming, YouTube is the king of video streaming, but HomePod have no integration with them. read more

El problema de ser empleado

Bueno, siempre terminas siendo empleado de alguien… en el mejor de los casos de tus clientes 😉, pero al menos a los clientes eventualmente les puedes decir que no.

Cuando eres uno más en la nómina eres prescindible y por mucho que te esfuerces no vas a ganar mucho mas. Recuerda que como empleado siempre generas más de lo que te pagan, la empresa para la que trabajas se queda con parte de lo que tu generas.

Si puedes crecer en la empresa que estás, que buena onda, pero si no, ¿entonces por qué seguir ahí? read more

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