Fuck.. I was starting to get upset. Unfortunately, with the point of view of many young people now, this is something that will be the day-to-day in a not so far future.

Is this how adults should behave?

I do agree that kids know the doll they use to play is not a real woman (the same with kids that know that the max steel in their hand is not a real man), they use their imagination to create scenarios where they entertain themselves, but is precisely the illusion of “it is real” what makes that imagination grow. Kids needs to believe in Santa Claus, The Three Magic Kings, the fairy tooth, the easter rabbit and even in God, and we all need imagination if we want to create things. We don’t want depressed or obsessed kids. We want them happy. read more

Korean Girls Try REAL Mexican Food [Lengua, Tripas, Menudo, Tamales, etc] 

I really enjoyed the video.

My personal favorites:

  • Tacos de pastor (it’s more or less like shawarma/kebab).
  • Mondongo (Menudo), which is cow stomach (all of them) made in soup. it’s pretty tasty and you have to compliment with spices.
  • Carnitas (Pork meat fried in the very same pork grease), don’t blame me, you have to taste it.
  • Fish.. not so much, It has to be fried or roasted.