Are there problems with the surface laptop?


I think the major problem with the surface laptop is the fact that the price does not match the target audience, I mean, the main purpose is students and $999 for an entry laptop is not something for a student.

Also, for $999 you can get a better laptop that lets you run your favorite Browser, open apps that you downloaded from the Internet and configure the way you like it.

Now, this thing runs windows, let’s use another version of windows 10… well, you have to pay for the license then, I mean, pay more for something that you can get with a cheaper laptop.

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Evolution of Grand Theft Auto – YouTube

Pretty interesting and “educational” ?. I started to play GTA since Vice City which I finished 100%, never played GTA 4 but GTA V is definitively the best and even when its almost 3 years since Rockstar launch it, it is still relevant.

Do you play GTA ? which one is your favourite ?

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