Seriously Folks, Electron Apps Aren’t That Badā€¦ – OMG! Ubuntu!

Yes, electron is bad and if you use Electron for serious app development you should feel bad.

Having tools to prototype is cool, HTML and JavaScript are widely known, as markup and programming languages, but having a full apps that are more dependencies than the app itself is in my opinion wrong.

A 100 Mb app in RAM might not mean something in new computers with 16GB of RAM but I think on the resources you are wasting and your crappy app is Ā it even well integrated to the OS.

I have to use them, but seriously, does it makes any difference to run the web app directly in the browser ?? read more

SAT, Que carajos???

La verdad le hacen la vida imposible los del SAT, te piden que hagas las cosas pero el 50% de las veces que lo intentas no funcionan o “no son compatiblesā€.

Cagante que los del SAT solo programan para sus Windows XP.

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Java vs. Python: Which One Is Best for You? | @DevOpsSummit #APM #Java #Python |

So, basically, both are fine but it depends on what you needĀ (as with most tools).

In my opinion a less verbose language is better, also, python have tons of packages installable via pip, is C++ extensible (for those scenarios where speed matters) and is present in most platforms.

Also, although there is an Open Source Java implementation, not all the “core” libraries are, I mean, you can’t just replace Oracle’s Java with the Open Source and expect everything will run just fine, probably will, but slower. read more

šŸ˜† Give me back my spaceĀ (or how to recover 2GB of space in #iOS garbage)

Jajajaja, finally recovered those 2GB

For some reason the freaking iOS take all that space in caches that you can’t access or release, it’s managed by the system šŸ˜’.

After doing the “ghost pictures” method (set the calendar back in time and go to recently deleted pictures…) I still had 2 GB wasted somewhere. The difference is spotted on what iTunes said my iPhone had as free storage and what is shown in my iPhone general settings.

I remember that one method to erase those caches is by filling your iPhone storage, doing that the system will hurry in deleting those files to give space for the upcoming. There are several apps that do this for you (in some way) by creating an empty file but set to fill the remainingĀ space. Using HFS+ this is possible because by just creating the file and setting what is supposed to use the FS will create such big file and then the watchdogs will release the wasted space, but now with APFS that can’t be done, you can create a file and set what is the desired size, but the FS will not fill it, will be just an empty file with some K’s of space, then, no watchdogs is activated and no space freed. read more