Remover “Master” y “Slave” de Python?


A ver que opina usted, ¿le gustaría que se dejaran de usar los términos “master” y “slave” o “Maestro” y “Esclavo” de la terminología en Python?.

En lo personal creo que hay muchas cosas mejores que hacer, un par de palabras que no me parecen en absoluto ofensivas porque desde un principio, no estan dirigidas a mi, no se refieren a mi, de hecho, no se refieren a una persona, se refieren a un par de procesos.

Me da un poco de coraje mezclado con tristeza el hecho de que haya personas que con cosas tan triviales como un par de palabras se sientan ofendidas, deberían entender que son solo palabras, las palabras sin contexto no tienen un verdadero significado y dentro del contexto en Python solo se refiere a un proceso que tiene el control sobre otro que no, lo que dice que no es el maestro y el otro el esclavo. read more

Así Tapachula ayer….

Una forma fácil de:
  • Tener al pueblo entretenido y feliz para que no den lata.
  • Hacer que el pueblo pague por el entretenimiento (entradas, comida o suscripción a un canal de paga o club).
  • Jóvenes que prefieren apuntarle a ser jugador de futbol en lugar de desarrollar habilidades que darán mas fruto a su país.
No digo que el futbol sea cosa del demonio, pero vamos, ganaron, chido, felicitaciones, y bueno, lo que sigue.

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Mexico is one of those magical places where you can get 8 hamburgers for $16 USD…

Thanks to our shitty economy where society have to lower it’s prices in order to have a sell. I know it could be familiar to have a 2  or 3 dollar burger in 1st world countries, but honestly, I’ve got 4 tortas (like a hamburger), and 4 hotdogs for just $160 MXN (less than  8 USD), and all my family have a meal!. Don’t get me wrong, they were perfect, they were delicious… and the price is what we are used to. I would likely pay more for them if (again) our shitty economy were a bit better. But $16 for one fucking hamburger!???? FUCK!!! what a waste of money!

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Big news.. you can message from your computer… wait, wasn’t that the former way to do that??

With all this mobile thing many companies just refused to support computers as part of their “multi platform “ strategy, Android and iOS is their main target and is something that grind my gears… most popular IM services does not have a native app for the desktop. Sometimes just a web baked interface… sometimes not even that.
  Could Google finally be getting serious about taking on iMessage?
Source: Android Messages may soon let you text from the web – The Verge

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Apple HomePod review  // A downgraded Siri with really nice speakers that plays only from Apple Sources

Although I’m pretty sure people is going to buy this thing, I bet it will be more like the big Apple book, expensive and not worth it. I think something like this would be better: Kaiser MSA-7908BTE Kit de Bafle Amplificador Inalámbrico con Bluetooth y Micrófono, 4,200 W, color negro I mean, why you would get a speaker?. To listen to Music/movies, and lets face it, Apple is not the main source of them. Spotify is the king of music streaming, YouTube is the king of video streaming, but HomePod have no integration with them. Of course, you can “airplay” to it, but, does it makes any difference with other speakers?. no, actually, other smart speakers are better because they are independent of the source device. The speaker is by itself pretty nice, have nice tech, but, only for Apple Music, seriously?. Then, Siri is pretty downgraded. It cannot be used as a smart speaker because Siri is pretty dump. As dump as fuck since it cannot distinguish between your voice or anyone else voice. The recommendation is to disable personal stuff on HomePod. Siri can’t answer typical questions that you would do in your phone, and of course, it cannot get you toilet paper from Amazon (like Alexa does). So, I would value more a super cheap Bluetooth Speaker that anybody can connect (either with an iPhone or with the cheapest china phone running KitKat), able to connect to my TV to have a more loud movies, or able to connect a couple of mics to have karaoke in the party and just for a few dollars.

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