Going SSL thanks to letsencrypt.org

I’m just trying https://letsencrypt.org/ certificates, wich are pretty useful when you want to test something with a full certificate. This certificates expire every 90 days, so you have to renew them quite often, the good part is that they have a script (certbot-auto) that makes this automagically, I just need to add an entry in my server’s cron and that’s it.

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Just a small post about TripMode a small app (and kernel extension) that helps a lot to control which program is having access to internet, not only incoming connections but more importantly outgoing when you are on a limited connection.

Since a little more than a month I’ve moved to a place where the internet connection was not that good. I used do have 20Mb/s connection and was working perfectly fine, but when I moved here.. well.. the internet was pretty unstable and the bandwidth was like with dial-up modems. read more

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