Tiro de gracia a contribuyentes, el SAT va tras tarjetazos

Así que básicamente lo que propone el SAT es que dejes de usar tarjetas o te friegan mas… La verdad que no creo que lo que hace el Servicio de Administración Tributaria sea correcto. Si bien lo presentan como una forma de aplicar impuestos a quienes los evaden, también se pasan llevando por las patas a quienes no lo hacen.

Y vamos siendo honestos, hay impuestos por todo.. Si compro una antena, un aparato eléctrico, si compro X cosa generalmente hay un impuesto, vaya, incluso en la gasolina hay 3 impuestos y que son impuestos sobre impuestos.

Trying iOS 11.3 beta 2… getting back a. Bit of the speed

I see iOS 11 like Windows Vista / 8 were to Windows 7/10, the unfinished version of the OS. The banana product.. send it green, let it mature in customers hands.

iOS 11.3 seems to give back the speed of my old iPad mini (2nd gen), the keyboard was specially laggy and I presume it was the OS under powering the CPU. Now it is quite more responsive, although I don’t see any option in the battery section (settings) like in the iPhone.

I think I’ll be fine with a two year period between “mayor” os updates if that period brings really finish, polished OS. read more

Big news.. you can message from your computer… wait, wasn’t that the former way to do that??

With all this mobile thing many companies just refused to support computers as part of their “multi platform “ strategy, Android and iOS is their main target and is something that grind my gears… most popular IM services does not have a native app for the desktop. Sometimes just a web baked interface… sometimes not even that.

Could Google finally be getting serious about taking on iMessage?

Source: Android Messages may soon let you text from the web – The Verge

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