Quick tip when using vagrant+django

I started to use vagrant to hold my development environment, it helps to keep the development environment isolated, since the app will run on a Linux server, with a specific database engine and probably some other specific modules, I don’t want to clutter my OS with all that stuff. More if I plan to work on another project that maybe, have a dependency on other versions of the same base (legacy Django perhaps?)

So, Django… Django have a nice mechanism that helps development, you don’t need a running web server to try your project. No need to have Apache/NGINX for that, and better yet, every time you update a python file it reloads the module so you always have reflected your changes. read more

Fixing the camera lens

I have a problem with my camera, there’s a small cable that is flexible and helps to get the autofocus working, the problem is that with the time and usage the flex got broken, and then autofocus stop working.

I ask a friend that is very skilled soldering stuff, he usually repair broken motherboards, I asked if he could join the flex, he told me that he can, he would charge $300MXN (about $16.5 USD) to do the job. I found in mercadolibre (similar to eBay) the same flex I needed for $150 (about $8.3USD). So, I bought one and my goal was trying to fix the lens by myself. read more

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