Y se nos fué el soporte para 2.X

La versión mayor mas vieja de Python acaba de ser “terminada”, al dejar de tener soporte oficial por parte de la PSF. Python 2.x no tendrá mas actualizaciones.

Desde hace tiempo ya la versión menor de Python se retuvo en 2.7, quedando en el aire la versión 2.8 que nunca vió la luz. Python 3, la versión mayor de Python ha estado entre nosotros desde 2008, 11 años le ha costado para poder ser la unica versión mayor de Python.

Y por que le tomó a Python cambiar por completo un total de 11 años?. Bien la cuestión es que Python 3.x no es compatible con Python 2.x, es decir, si escribes un programa pensando en la sintáxis de Python 2.x es muy probable que no funcione al correrlo con el interprete de Python 3.

La adopción de Python 3 entonces se retraso porque los desarrolladores de las principales librerias y apps tuvieron que empezar a soportar Python 3. El tener dos versiones de Python provocó que muchos desarrolladores ya metidos en Python continuaran con Python 2, las nuevas generaciones empezaron con Python 3 porque era lo mas nuevo, pero las generaciones que de por si usan Python se tomaron mas tiempo.

En mi opinión, depreciar por completo Python 2 está principalmente motivado a que muchos todavia usan Python 2 porque es simplemente mas cómodo continuar con el mecanismo que ha existido durante tanto tiempo en lugar de migrar. Dicho de otro modo, depreciar Python 2 es una forma de obligar a los desarrolladores a usar Python 3.

¿Tu por que crees que Python 2 aguantó tanto (11 años) en ser depreciado?


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Living With Yourself  #Netflix

Ok, time to talk about this show.. I have to assume that by quick watching the trailer I thought I t was a movie. I mean,  it never crossed my mind this kind of story to last for a serie.

I like Paul Rudd a lot, I like the movies where he have participated for a long now, he is.. charming. and in this show it was just like that. But the show is not good just because of Paul, it was good to me because of the story, the characters and the way the go back and forth in the time line.

We (Cristina and I) watched the first season in just one afternoon. Episodes are king of short and I really with they be longer, but maybe is asking too much because as it is pretty well.

The story have some loose ends so the second season is pretty reasonable, I don’t want to mention anything about the story so you can go and watch it, but is pretty good to leave it in just one season.

So, if you have Netflix (I bet you do), go and watch it.

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A look into Caldera Open Linux… really nice memories.

One of my favorite distros for the time I started to use Linux.

My very first (usable) bistro was Corel Linux but when I got Caldera Linux in one of those PC-Magazine CDs I really love it. Unfortunately it was a demo CD so after a while I have to format the PC and reinstall to continue using it.

At that time I was neither a fan of KDE or Gnome (which was in its very early stages). KDE was more developed though, and that’s why most distros have it as the default desktop environment.

It was until I’ve got a Mandrake 7.2 (I think it came in Todo Linux Magazine) that I started to use GNOME, I think it was around 2000.

As you can see, KDE at that time had a lot of the features that we enjoy today. Virtual Desktops, a configurable top menu bar, a fully functional file browser, an internet browser but not it was not limited to just the browser, it already came with many other internet features like email and FTP clients.

By this time I though that Linux was years ahead in the Desktop environment, today I can say the same.

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Who Invented the iPhone? (It Wasn’t Steve Jobs) – You really need to watch this

Wonderful production, things that maybe you don’t know.

And is interesting so you can understand how hard is to build a product like the iPhone, that given today, other companies are still copying. You don’t believe me?, look at what the iPhone 11 looks like and what the Pixel 4 looks like.

iPhone 10 ditches finger print to unlock phone (Touch ID) and replaces it with Face unlock… then, there is facial unlock in Pixel phones!!.

iPhone 10 presents a notch display.. every new phone comes with a notch display!.

The fact that Apple did it right at making a mobile device like iPhone is the proof of how serious they took the making of the iPhone was. Android was definitively going to be another thing before iPhone was introduced.

And I don’t care if it hurts to you.

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