Big news.. you can message from your computer… wait, wasn’t that the former way to do that??

With all this mobile thing many companies just refused to support computers as part of their “multi platform “ strategy, Android and iOS is their main target and is something that grind my gears… most popular IM services does not have a native app for the desktop. Sometimes just a web baked interface… sometimes not even that.

Could Google finally be getting serious about taking on iMessage?

Source: Android Messages may soon let you text from the web – The Verge

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#Telmex, esto es una grosería, como sea que te quieras justificar

No hay razón para que en pleno 2016, en una ciudad mediana (Tapachula no es muy grande, pero si tiene su tamaño), mantengas conexiones con 1Mb de velocidad, sobre todo cuando en la factura viene cobrado el 100% de la velocidad contratada (10 Mb en mi caso).

Que si la central a la que te conectas esta muy lejos, bueno, pues le buscas como pero me conectas a una mas cercana.

Que si esta muy saturado, pues le buscas como pero me encuentras el nodo, si no tenias nodos entonces no hubieras aceptado el contrato. read more

#Telmex estafando como de costumbre 😡

Tenía contratado el aparte acerques con un precio de $600 MXN ( ~$30 USD) que de por sí ya es caro y solo me daban 4Mb de 20 con los que se anuncian.

Cuando contrate nunca me dijeron que la línea era por cobre, así que los 20Mb son algo imposible, y tampoco me dijeron que las terminales las tienen tan dispersas que no son capaces de garantizarte ni la mitad de la velocidad contratada.

Desde Mayo tenía un reporte por esto, y resignado a que de los 4Mb no va a pasar me dispuse a solicitar un cambio de paquete a uno ingerior, de mínimo para no pagar tanto. read more

My experience with digital ocean

Thanks to the tracking stuff that Google do, once I searched for cheap VPS to host a service that I use now in my family business, and thanks to that search a lot of Digital Ocean ads appeared on the sites I visited, and I mean a lot, do you remember it? it was a video about a guy deploying the code he just wrote…

Well, I wasn’t really convinced about it, I already was using a server that I had for a couple of years, it was cheap because it was not a monster of server but it did the task. I was looking for an alternative because I started to see complains of other people about this company and I had a couple of issues with terrible support. So, I decided to go for another server. read more

Press this, or the way WordPress do a reblog.

If you have been using WordPress for a long time this may sound dumb since you may had this option for a long time, I just discovered.

Tumblr is the biggest competition to wordpress, one of its key feature is the “reblog” where you can just reblog a post and have it in your blog. So, we can see blogs that are entirely reblogs, from multiple sites and sometimes it is easier to just follow that blog because they have information from multiple sources you don’t have to be looking for. read more

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