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Thanks to the tracking stuff that Google do, once I searched for cheap VPS to host a service that I use now in my family business, and thanks to that search a lot of Digital Ocean ads appeared on the sites I visited, and I mean a lot, do you remember it? it was a video about a guy deploying the code he just wrote…

Well, I wasn’t really convinced about it, I already was using a server that I had for a couple of years, it was cheap because it was not a monster of server but it did the task. I was looking for an alternative because I started to see complains of other people about this company and I had a couple of issues with terrible support. So, I decided to go for another server.

At the end I didn’t used a complete server but decided to try Digital Ocean because of the SSD and the VPS was in less than a minute up and running, I just installed my service dependencies and there it is. The best part, since I don’t need a big amount of space the cheapest VPS was really an option, it was the one with 20GB of storage, 1 core, 512GB of RAM for just $5 a month.

Yes, $5 a month, I spend more in the store when I go for a redbull and chips. And I was so happy that I moved all my other stuff (this blog included) to another VPS, this time with a bit more space since I host some pictures here. I couldn’t be more happy, it works super fast since the I/O is in a SSD, but the price is super lower compared to other full servers, even those leased servers.

So, if you are in the need to try something live, in a full Linux server you should try Digital Ocean, is cheap, works like hell and it have an API so you can automate the process of creating/removing Virtual machines.

Now, all this looks like a commercial, and not, this is not a paid post from Digital Ocean, or almost no, D.O. hasn’t payed to me for this post, but if I convinced you to use Digital Ocean create an account with this referral link and you’ll get $10 to create your VPS (that’s two months of the $5 plan), I’ll get some too, that’s the good part, and of course, you can get in the referral program too.


Create a Digital Ocean Account and get $10 in advance

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