Living With Yourself  #Netflix

Ok, time to talk about this show.. I have to assume that by quick watching the trailer I thought I t was a movie. I mean,  it never crossed my mind this kind of story to last for a serie.

I like Paul Rudd a lot, I like the movies where he have participated for a long now, he is.. charming. and in this show it was just like that. But the show is not good just because of Paul, it was good to me because of the story, the characters and the way the go back and forth in the time line. read more

Now I have a reason to watch Jessica Jones, Ironfist and Luke Cage.

I have seen Daredevil already and I have to tell that I like a lot both seasons, but  didn’t really feel that need to watch JJ, IF and LC. But, to appreciate this new series I have to watch them all.

Fortunately I have done with House of Cards last week and I’m in the middle of Archer season 8.