AF_UNIX comes to Windows – Windows Command Line Tools For Developers

Short story… Microsoft have this NEED to support Linux because of the “cloud” infrastructure it have. A big chunk of azure instances run Linux instead of Windows and they are porting Linux/Unix tools to Windows (eg. Bash for Windows, etc.) to keep Windows relevant in this field.

So, Microsoft Developers are having a pain in the ass doing this ports because Windows doesn’t support AF_UNIX sockets, BSD and Linux have long time supporting them; and even when Microsoft have something kind of similar called “pipes” there are differences that make really hard to do such ports. read more

Linux… server… gráfico?

Y si los hay, conozco a varios que se instalan (pa empezar) ubuntu desktop como servidor porque quieren tener modo gráfico.

Si lo primero que se debe aprender es a usar la terminal y un buen editor de texto (Pico/Nano no cuentan pero igual se aprenden)

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