Linux file manager security exploit leaves a “Bad Taste”

I don’t know what’s the point of integrating Windows features into Linux if they are not going to be native. Integrating VBScript on linux to run in the File Manager?. Why?

If you need a “Windows-only” feature then run windows, with the current machines you can do it perfectly in a Virtual Machine if you want to still run Linux/macOS, if there is a vulnerability it will be isolated to your VM.

Anyway… I vote for “integrating” stuff written for other OS into the main OS. read more

SAT, Que carajos???

La verdad le hacen la vida imposible los del SAT, te piden que hagas las cosas pero el 50% de las veces que lo intentas no funcionan o “no son compatibles”.

Cagante que los del SAT solo programan para sus Windows XP.

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Is this how adults should behave?

I do agree that kids know the doll they use to play is not a real woman (the same with kids that know that the max steel in their hand is not a real man), they use their imagination to create scenarios where they entertain themselves, but is precisely the illusion of “it is real” what makes that imagination grow. Kids needs to believe in Santa Claus, The Three Magic Kings, the fairy tooth, the easter rabbit and even in God, and we all need imagination if we want to create things. We don’t want depressed or obsessed kids. We want them happy. read more

One fucking day

I made the setup of this machine yesterday, today it just won’t boot, the problem is related to gpsvc service, either the windows registry got corrupted or there’s a problem with permissions and apps or something that I don’t know.

One fucking day.

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