Why new Android is called ” Android 10″?

A simple way to get a bit more for Android, using a number is good, make it 10 sounds official! like the Ten Commandments.

They probably claim that Android 10 is the 10th release of Android, but they would be skipping minor version that were actually released as major versions.

Do you remember Android 1.5 (cupcake) -> 1.6 (Donut) or in the 2.X.. (Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread), 4.X (Ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean).

So, current releases are this:

  1. Android 1.5: Android Cupcake
  2. Android 1.6: Android Donut
  3. Android 2.0: Android Eclair
  4. Android 2.2: Android Froyo
  5. Android 2.3: Android Gingerbread
  6. Android 3.0: Android Honeycomb
  7. Android 4.0: Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  8. Android 4.1 to 4.3.1: Android Jelly Bean
  9. Android 4.4 to 4.4.4: Android KitKat
  10. Android 5.0 to 5.1.1: Android Lollipop
  11. Android 6.0 to 6.0.1: Android Marshmallow
  12. Android 7.0 to 7.1: Android Nougat
  13. Android 8.0 to Android 8.1: Android Oreo
  14. Android 9.0: Android Pie

Android 10 should be 15 instead of 10. ‘Cuz 10 Sounds Official!! read more

#Apple have a #serious 2FA issue


I have two factor authentication for my Apple ID, the problem is that any device with my Apple ID is able to get the code for the 2FA, so, if I try to log in in the computer it will prompt the code… in the same computer I’m trying to log in !!!

To me this is an issue, what’s the point of having 2FA if the code appears right in the device where I’m trying to log in?. It must appear on any other device except the one I have in front of me.


Así Tapachula ayer….

Una forma fácil de:

  • Tener al pueblo entretenido y feliz para que no den lata.
  • Hacer que el pueblo pague por el entretenimiento (entradas, comida o suscripción a un canal de paga o club).
  • Jóvenes que prefieren apuntarle a ser jugador de futbol en lugar de desarrollar habilidades que darán mas fruto a su país.

No digo que el futbol sea cosa del demonio, pero vamos, ganaron, chido, felicitaciones, y bueno, lo que sigue.

Mexico is one of those magical places where you can get 8 hamburgers for $16 USD…

Thanks to our shitty economy where society have to lower it’s prices in order to have a sell. I know it could be familiar to have a 2  or 3 dollar burger in 1st world countries, but honestly, I’ve got 4 tortas (like a hamburger), and 4 hotdogs for just $160 MXN (less than  8 USD), and all my family have a meal!.

Don’t get me wrong, they were perfect, they were delicious… and the price is what we are used to. I would likely pay more for them if (again) our shitty economy were a bit better.

But $16 for one fucking hamburger!???? FUCK!!! what a waste of money!

Tiro de gracia a contribuyentes, el SAT va tras tarjetazos

Así que básicamente lo que propone el SAT es que dejes de usar tarjetas o te friegan mas… La verdad que no creo que lo que hace el Servicio de Administración Tributaria sea correcto. Si bien lo presentan como una forma de aplicar impuestos a quienes los evaden, también se pasan llevando por las patas a quienes no lo hacen.

Y vamos siendo honestos, hay impuestos por todo.. Si compro una antena, un aparato eléctrico, si compro X cosa generalmente hay un impuesto, vaya, incluso en la gasolina hay 3 impuestos y que son impuestos sobre impuestos.

A Message to Our Customers – Apple

To clearly see the lie around here, Apple says the issue comes from unexpected shutdowns in iDevices because the battery couldn’t keep the load to power the CPU. So, the battery is defective, but they wanted to hide that by reducing the clock speed of the CPU so it won’t use that much power and they don’t have to apply warranties to the users.

I don’t know how is a good user experience that as soon as my iPad upgraded to iOS 11 it became super sluggish while in iOS 10 was kind of fast. To me that is not a good user experience. No mention that downgrading to iOS 10 is not a super simple task.

A nicer user experience is letting the user know the battery is faulty, and because of that the user should take the device to maintenance. I have never experience sudden shutdowns in my iPad but is super slow (most noticeably in the keyboard). Why it must be underpowered?

  • Early in 2018, we will issue an iOS software update with new features that give users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery, so they can see for themselves if its condition is affecting performance.

So… As far as I understand, Apple won’t let you disable that “feature” of under clock the CPU in order to hide the battery age. But you will know if your battery if faulty and Apple is doing “the right thing”.

Source: A Message to Our Customers – Apple

European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans | The Independent

I think this should be the constant, if you are required a visa to visit any country, then your country must require a visa to any citizen from such country if they want to come to yours.

For example, I’m from Mexico, I need to have a visa in order to put a step in the United States, even if it is the airport for a connection I need a visa. Not to mention the requirements to work in the U.S.A.

What happens in the other way? U.S.A. citizens are allowed to come and go here in México, you are required to have a tourist visa if you have plans to be in Mexico for more than 180 days, if you come for a couple of weeks, then there’s no need for it.

So, if I need a visa to put a step in USA, I think it would be correct if USA citizens require a visa to put a step in my country.

I have a better idea, no visa required at all. Just your fucking passport. 

Take a look a the source:

The European Parliament has voted to end visa-free travel for Americans within the EU. It comes after the US failed to agree visa-free travel for citizens of five EU countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania – as part of a reciprocity agreement. US citizens can normally travel to all countries in the bloc without a visa.

Source: European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans | The Independent

Linux file manager security exploit leaves a “Bad Taste”

I don’t know what’s the point of integrating Windows features into Linux if they are not going to be native. Integrating VBScript on linux to run in the File Manager?. Why?

If you need a “Windows-only” feature then run windows, with the current machines you can do it perfectly in a Virtual Machine if you want to still run Linux/macOS, if there is a vulnerability it will be isolated to your VM.

Anyway… I vote for “integrating” stuff written for other OS into the main OS.

A new vulnerability that impacts Linux systems has been discovered by a researcher. The vulnerability, which affects the GNOME Files file manager, has already been patched by the Debian Project.

Source: Linux file manager security exploit leaves a “Bad Taste”

Is this how adults should behave?

I do agree that kids know the doll they use to play is not a real woman (the same with kids that know that the max steel in their hand is not a real man), they use their imagination to create scenarios where they entertain themselves, but is precisely the illusion of “it is real” what makes that imagination grow. Kids needs to believe in Santa Claus, The Three Magic Kings, the fairy tooth, the easter rabbit and even in God, and we all need imagination if we want to create things. We don’t want depressed or obsessed kids. We want them happy.

I do want my kids to question what/why things happened, I do want my kids to be curious but to me is more important let them believe what they want, to have fantasies, they will grow and then they will have time to make themselves the questions.

One fucking day

I made the setup of this machine yesterday, today it just won’t boot, the problem is related to gpsvc service, either the windows registry got corrupted or there’s a problem with permissions and apps or something that I don’t know.

One fucking day.