Things that can make macOS better

I use macOS as the main OS in my computer, actually the only one in my personal computer, but I have other computers with Linux as desktop too, but macOS is the one that I use the most. And over the time I have learned how to get more from the OS as the default installation.

For example, I currently don’t use Spotlight, I use another tool called “Alfred” you all might know it.

Alfred > Spotlight

Spotlight was a good thing back in the days were it was basically a search tool for the OS living in the corner, where nobody looks. But it was not good as a some sort of launcher, and having all my apps in the Dock was not a good idea. Then Alfred arrived and it came with other functionality like workflows and search in places where spotlight just don’t do, also the fuzzy word search (like GC and expect to get Google Chrome) works very well. read more

Petición · Exigimos que los Jueces y Magistrados sean removidos de su cargo @SCJN ·

Estoy consciente que ser Magistrado o Juez de la SCJN no es cualquier puesto, que posiblemente requiera tener cierto nivel de preparación, y digo posiblemente porque pues… palancazo, relaciones, etc, es cierto que sus salarios son exorbitantes, tienen un sueldo mayor a cualquier funcionario publico de la nación.

Sí, son servidores públicos, su salario sale de los impuestos, trabajan de forma “autónoma” pero a final de cuentas se le paga con el dinero que recauda el gobierno, no, ellos no andan vendiendo galletitas o hacen colectas para tener un “salario”.

Y no es que me indigne el hecho de que tengan un salario mucho mayor al que yo recibo, obvio no, su trabajo les debe haber costado, pero si creo que es exagerado.

Además, sus comentarios de “si me bajo el sueldo me corrompo” esta super fuera de lugar; es como decir que si no estas en la religión te convertirás en una mala persona. Sorpresa, eres una mala persona contenida por la religión, no deberías necesitar la religión para ser una buena persona; no deberías tener un super sueldazo para no ser corrompible.

Cierto, los 500mil, 1 millón, 2 millones de pesos que se ahorren en el salario no va ayudar mucho en los programas sociales, pero se trata de equidad, un funcionario publico no puede tener determinada su rectitud en base a su salario.

Así que por favor, si estas de acuerdo, firma la petición aquí abajo, ayudanos a dar a conocer nuestra voz.


Exigimos que los Jueces y Magistrados sean removidos de su cargo @SCJN

Source: Petición · Exigimos que los Jueces y Magistrados sean removidos de su cargo @SCJN ·

I’ve changed my keyboard

After a couple of years my Apple “Magic” keyboard started to fail, there is just one key that is failing but is a very important key… the “Left Shift” key.

It is a very important key since a lot of key shortcuts depend on it, and I had to get a new keyboard for just one key. Maybe if a complete row was malfunctioning I could feel a bit less frustrated, but one key.. one freaking key..

Redis y el fork “obligado” al cambiar la licencia

Esto es lo que me gusta el movimiento Open Source, si el desarrollador se va por un camino que es diferente al de la comunidad entonces la comunidad tiene el derecho de hacer un fork y continuar sin tener que estar a expensas del desarrollador.

Redis Labs obviamente ha puesto mucho empeño en el éxito de su motor de base de datos en memoria: Redis, así como de otros componentes, pero también consideremos que por mucho empeño que le pongan, no seria tan exitoso si no fuera por la comunidad. Es decir, no le quito ningún mérito a cualquiera de las dos partes. read more

Would making drugs “legal” in our country do something better?

TLDR; Yes, with some caveats.

Long Story, well in many places they are illegal, there are some permissible laws that allows you to use them for either medical or entertainment at certain places, the purpose of this is to reduce the demand, supply and risk for users.

The problem in a country like Mexico is how people is educated. Just like beer, many Mexicans use to go every Friday to the liquor store (Oxxo) and get a couple (maybe more) of six-pack of their favourite beer and get drunk as hell.

Maybe with some more education we can make what we do now with tobacco, where it’s  allowed in “ventilated places”, restaurants, coffee shops or anything closed is now allowed except bars which of obvious reasons it’s allowed.

So, the problem resides in the education of the people, if you allow them to get drugs like getting a candy they certainly will get hurt. Many would say, well is their lives, why am I supposed to care?.

Well, think about a person under the influence of drugs driving. Just like we do now, is not okay to get the wheels if you are drunk, its not okay to get the wheels if you are stoned.

And… I think what’s going to happen in my country, people getting stoned and felling the king of the world but only to hurt themselves or worse, hurting someone else.

This is something that will not happen in the next 6 years.. just watch this clip from pulp fiction, it was 1994, and hell, that was more than 20 years ago!.


Having a third screen with the MBP

  • Samsung screen: The usual VGA/HDMI adapter
  • iPad: Using DuetDisplay

Although there are some performance issues with Duet, to display text (which is what I do) is just fine. Now I can have the browser, the IDE (PyCharm if you are wondering) and iTerm 2.

Since is another screen attached to the laptop you can use it to display any other thing that is being processed by your main computer, and can move apps between the screens with no problem at all.

The iPad Pro as main computer for programming

Definitively an interesting way to solve his problems with carrying the whole laptop. To me having having a full laptop is more important than that mobility, this because the multitask capability of the laptop vs the “one or two” apps approach in the iPad.

Still a nice way to work when you don’t have your laptop near to you.

Source: The iPad Pro as main computer for programming

Ceramic phone, no thank you.. 

Xiaomi made a beautiful phone, with a huge screen in a relatively small body, with a ceramic back that is resistant to scratches.. what can be wrong??.. well, ceramic is not that good when hitting the floor.

Is not that I’m getting it or not getting it because of this, I’m not fan of Xiaomi nor fan of anything that uses a heavily modified Android, just because updates are… well.. let’s say that updates are not that good in something different than vanilla android.

Replacing the auto focus flex of a Canon 18-55 IS lens

A couple of days ago I got the flex for the focus mechanism in my 18-55 camera lens, but in my lack of experience I didn’t do a god job, the focus moved, and the camera tried to focus (it really tries) but the image remained blurry. So I had to put the flex in place again, the first attempt was not perfect. In order to do this. Here some pictures.

Are there problems with the surface laptop?


I think the major problem with the surface laptop is the fact that the price does not match the target audience, I mean, the main purpose is students and $999 for an entry laptop is not something for a student.

Also, for $999 you can get a better laptop that lets you run your favorite Browser, open apps that you downloaded from the Internet and configure the way you like it.

Now, this thing runs windows, let’s use another version of windows 10… well, you have to pay for the license then, I mean, pay more for something that you can get with a cheaper laptop.

How to see the certificate information on dev Chrome? ( >= 57 )

I’m not sure if this applies to Beta but at least for Chrome 57 it does. You can usually check the certificate information on Chrome when clickin on the “Secure” word before “https” even if it is not secure (self-signed certificate, sources form unsecure sources) you are able to see the certificate by clicking it and then in the menu click in the “view details” button.

Well, in Chrome 57 it is not there.

So, if the “view details” button is no longer there, where can I see the certificate information?. well, you have to open the developer console, there is the “security” tab and there is the information related to the certificate.

I don’t know what motivates this, it was unobstructive in any way… ?.