Fixing the camera lens

I have a problem with my camera, there’s a small cable that is flexible and helps to get the autofocus working, the problem is that with the time and usage the flex got broken, and then autofocus stop working.

I ask a friend that is very skilled soldering stuff, he usually repair broken motherboards, I asked if he could join the flex, he told me that he can, he would charge $300MXN (about $16.5 USD) to do the job. I found in mercadolibre (similar to eBay) the same flex I needed for $150 (about $8.3USD). So, I bought one and my goal was trying to fix the lens by myself.

The good part, I have everything needed, a really small Phillips screwdriver, the one used for the iPhone screws is just fine, a small Phillips is required too, and tons of patience.

The good part, I learned how to disassemble this lens, is quite simple once you understand it. I removed the damaged flex and put the new one in place.

The bad part, the flex was not exactly in place, so, focus is not working, I mean, it moves, but getting something in focus takes a lot of time.

The challenging part… fix it without asking for a new flex (although they are pretty cheap).

Some pictures for the memories.