How to see the certificate information on dev Chrome? ( >= 57 )

I’m not sure if this applies to Beta but at least for Chrome 57 it does. You can usually check the certificate information on Chrome when clickin on the “Secure” word before “https” even if it is not secure (self-signed certificate, sources form unsecure sources) you are able to see the certificate by clicking it and then in the menu click in the “view details” button.

Well, in Chrome 57 it is not there.

So, if the “view details” button is no longer there, where can I see the certificate information?. well, you have to open the developer console, there is the “security” tab and there is the information related to the certificate. read more

High price on a system with a built-in “compress” feature?, who the hell runs WinZip?

I was looking for rar applications on the App Store, and I saw that WinZip was there, although the price was scaring knowing that OS X have a built in compress/decompress feature, no need to use WinZip, still, knowing that maybe some Windows nostalgic user wants to the WinZip app it would be better to have a lower price (even a free version). Why bother in paying a $99USD developer license if your app will probably sell 0 licenses.

Which remind me this:

1,207 total views, no views today read more


Just a small post about TripMode a small app (and kernel extension) that helps a lot to control which program is having access to internet, not only incoming connections but more importantly outgoing when you are on a limited connection.

Since a little more than a month I’ve moved to a place where the internet connection was not that good. I used do have 20Mb/s connection and was working perfectly fine, but when I moved here.. well.. the internet was pretty unstable and the bandwidth was like with dial-up modems. read more

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