Redis y el fork “obligado” al cambiar la licencia

Esto es lo que me gusta el movimiento Open Source, si el desarrollador se va por un camino que es diferente al de la comunidad entonces la comunidad tiene el derecho de hacer un fork y continuar sin tener que estar a expensas del desarrollador.

Redis Labs obviamente ha puesto mucho empeño en el éxito de su motor de base de datos en memoria: Redis, así como de otros componentes, pero también consideremos que por mucho empeño que le pongan, no seria tan exitoso si no fuera por la comunidad. Es decir, no le quito ningún mérito a cualquiera de las dos partes. read more

AF_UNIX comes to Windows – Windows Command Line Tools For Developers

Short story… Microsoft have this NEED to support Linux because of the “cloud” infrastructure it have. A big chunk of azure instances run Linux instead of Windows and they are porting Linux/Unix tools to Windows (eg. Bash for Windows, etc.) to keep Windows relevant in this field.

So, Microsoft Developers are having a pain in the ass doing this ports because Windows doesn’t support AF_UNIX sockets, BSD and Linux have long time supporting them; and even when Microsoft have something kind of similar called “pipes” there are differences that make really hard to do such ports.

Remember fellas, is not that Microsoft is Loving Linux, they are embracing, you know what’s next.

Of course they are in the right to do such thing… but is your call to use Windows, a closed source operating system, or just keep using your favorite Linux distribution.


Source: AF_UNIX comes to Windows – Windows Command Line Tools For Developers

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Source: Humble Book Bundle: Unix presented by O’Reilly (pay what you want and help charity)

How to move some files but preserve the directory tree?

So, I have a bunch of ogg files that I moved to mp3 (I don’t want to start a format/encoder war, I just did it), I wanted to move the old ogg files, I didn’t delete them because probably I need them in the future. To move the files apart the easiest way could be using find and xargs:

find . -iname "*ogg" -print0 |xargs -0 -I {} mv {} /dest/folder/

The problem with this is that all those ogg files would be in /dest/folder/ all together, and I want to have them each in the corresponding subfolder, I was looking and found that some uses “cp –parents” unfortunately it seems that the cp in OS X does not include that.

What I ended up doing.

If you create a package file (.tar for example), the directories are preserved, so, for me the trick was using tar for that purpose.

find . -name "*ogg" -print0 | xargs -0 tar cvf - |(cd /dest/folder/ ; tar xfp -)

You’ll see all those ogg files in the screen as they are “copied” to the destination folder. later you can remove the files with find again.

find . -iname "*ogg" -delete


I assume there is a way to remove the files as soon as they have been added to the tar file.