– Hey Tim, we have all this batteries from china..

  • Hey Tim…  we have all these batteries from china, and,  we don’t have enough phones to put them in, what can we do?

– Hmmmm, let me think… I know.. release iOS 11, fuck up the batteries and sell the new ones as replacement for $29.

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Do you know how to remove an app from the sidebar??

Sometimes is handy, but sometimes you want that app to be full screen, the using the dock opens it in sidebar if it was previously like that, but, what if I need it in full screen?. So far I need to go to home and open it from there or move to the app switcher look for the app and select it.

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I don’t like it

There’s no option to remove that option!! As stupid as it sound.

I’m not a fan of one hand keyboard although in glad the option is there for whoever needs it. But there should be a way to remove those three buttons that are placed where the emoji keyboard option was !!

  • Hey dude, what if you need to type with one hand?

Lucky for me, my thumb can reach the other side of the screen easily, that’s one reason I choose iPhone 6S and not he 6s plus which is bigger.

Anyone here with the golden Master knows if there is an option for that ??

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Performance of Beta 4 is pretty decent

Still need more work but it’s doing good.

One curious thing… it asks for Touch ID to unlock my iPad although this version does not have TouchID

I don’t know where the screen recordings go, so, I was unable to put one here using that feature.

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