Would making drugs “legal” in our country do something better?

TLDR; Yes, with some caveats.

Long Story, well in many places they are illegal, there are some permissible laws that allows you to use them for either medical or entertainment at certain places, the purpose of this is to reduce the demand, supply and risk for users.

The problem in a country like Mexico is how people is educated. Just like beer, many Mexicans use to go every Friday to the liquor store (Oxxo) and get a couple (maybe more) of six-pack of their favourite beer and get drunk as hell.

Maybe with some more education we can make what we do now with tobacco, where it’s  allowed in “ventilated places”, restaurants, coffee shops or anything closed is now allowed except bars which of obvious reasons it’s allowed.

So, the problem resides in the education of the people, if you allow them to get drugs like getting a candy they certainly will get hurt. Many would say, well is their lives, why am I supposed to care?.

Well, think about a person under the influence of drugs driving. Just like we do now, is not okay to get the wheels if you are drunk, its not okay to get the wheels if you are stoned.

And… I think what’s going to happen in my country, people getting stoned and felling the king of the world but only to hurt themselves or worse, hurting someone else.

This is something that will not happen in the next 6 years.. just watch this clip from pulp fiction, it was 1994, and hell, that was more than 20 years ago!.