The future is not about having super computers in home, we already have what we need

There is a lot of people asking for a new Mac Pro, and they have some reason to ask for it, the machine hasn’t been upgraded since 2013. It will probably get new processor and other stuff this year (it deserves it) but I think the future is not having more and more GHz and RAM and storage capacity in a single computer…

The future is Computers As a Service. You already use them, like in YouTube. You don’t have to upload a bunch of files and then Youtube just stream them, no, you upload one single video, then YouTube process it and you are done. And this is what is going to happen to the future computers

Yes, you will have big (in terms of processing) computers, get a new MacBook Pro and you have it, but probably you’ll get better results, a more pleasant experience, but in future, the processing will come from a farm of computers in the “cloud”, they will do in seconds  you might have in home. Now think on the price, it will be a cheaper since all those computers will be shared, you’ll pay for a lease and will have all that computer programming.

What about the programs?, Lets suppose we want to edit a video, with the current internest speeds we have now (on the big cities, here in Mexico will have to wait a bit ?). You’ll upload a set of files ( if not already there thanks to the cloud drives), and then a web interface will let you do the “magic”, just results will be offered to you, your’ computer will be dealing with the user interface but the main processing, the rendering and all that will be done “in the cloud”, so no need to have a super powerful computer that can render video in 8K for now, “clouds” will do it.

You already know the history about gaming… Google offered Stavia, where the main processing power will be at google’s cloud, you’ll get just an image and the interface to interact with that computer power!.

Will it be in the next years, sure!, in the next  two years no!. But I’m sure it will be in the next 10 ?

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  • Added the Google Stevia paragraph