Trying the new wordpress desktop app

Basically looks like the site in a frame. And there is one thing that needs to improve, something that needs to change also in the mobile app (iPhone, iPad and possibly in Android too): Integration.

Yes, wordpress needs to integrate with the system, WordPress is by many people used as a CMS more than a blogging system. Many “news” sites use wordpress, maybe they do need to enter to the desktop/web app to write all that stuff, but others use wordpress as a simple blog system. read more


Just a small post about TripMode a small app (and kernel extension) that helps a lot to control which program is having access to internet, not only incoming connections but more importantly outgoing when you are on a limited connection.

Since a little more than a month I’ve moved to a place where the internet connection was not that good. I used do have 20Mb/s connection and was working perfectly fine, but when I moved here.. well.. the internet was pretty unstable and the bandwidth was like with dial-up modems. read more