iPhone to the operating room

Since a couple of months the iPhone had an issue, the earpiece speaker was too low, no matter that I had all the volume up it was pretty hard to listen to the one talking on the other side. I started to use the phone with the speaker in order to have conversations but I don’t like that way, mostly because sometimes I can’t properly listen and there is no noise cancelation meaning that if there is plenty of noise is quite probably the other person won’t listen to me right.

Worried by the MacBook performance? it seems it performs better than a MacBook Pro

At least in the benchmarks, it performs better than the MacBook Pro 2012 according to GeekBench.

vs the MacBook Pro 2012 (Intel Core i5)

Close numbers, but remember that one is fanless (MacBook) and is a low power consumption CPU.

Now, would I get one MacBook ? Definitively NO!, the reason: The port. One single port for everything is just.. no, no way.

How your computer performs? post in the comments 🙂

Btw, Erica’s video is here: http://bit.ly/28fZfGc

I’m getting used to this

I know I said 3D touch is not the thing, but is handy. Of course, I’m used to the usual way to do things (entering to the app and then hit the action button) and I expect the apps really make use of this technology, I hope.

And talking about the device, It’s great, as you can see in my flickr photostream I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, pictures are great although with the bandwidth I have here (near to Guatemala) is hard to upload several pictures, not to mention videos. But pictures are fine, about 2MB in size and look definitively great (I still want my DSLR camera). In terms of performance, you can watch several videos about the 6S performance in youtube. Its also great, reloading apps happens not to often, sometimes it’s barely noticeable, sometimes it is but almost all time you won’t notice. read more

The price of your storage decreased…

Thats the subject that Apple send to me to basically say “we are about to charge more for your basic iCloud storage”. Indeed the price is lower, before I payed around $12MXN for 20GB of storage barely $0.6 MXN per GB, now I’ll pay $0.34 MXN, but I’ll pay a more at the end.

I have no problem so far because $17MXN is barely $1USD… a month. But is a curious subject 😉

Racking Mac Pros by imgix

imgix is an image processing and delivery service that provides a supremely flexible, high performance, ultra–reliable solution to the problem of serving images on the modern internet. We operate our own hardware, run our own datacenters, and manage our own network infrastructure. At imgix‘s scale, maximizing efficiency and performance in image processing is critical for success. For this reason, we decided to incorporate Mac Pros in planning the build of our next generation image renderers. Because no existing Mac Pro server rack suited our needs, we designed and built our own. read more

Deleting old time machine backups

Time machine is one of those great thing that OS X have, it have saved me from reinstalling everything by hand when I experiment with my computer, making a full backup (including system, applications, configurations, etc..) helps me to erase the SSD whenever I want without worrying me about missing files. Even if you don’t want to erase your hard drive, maybe it just died, having a backup will have your system in the same way it was, just like if nothing ever happened.

But, also, Time Machine is a space consuming thing, because we create a lot of files, most of them gets backed up (for instance, I don’t backup the Download folder or the virtual machines) and when you upgrade your system a big backup is made. So, it’s easy to fill a disk read more

PS3 vs AppleTv

So, I have a broken PS3 (the slim version, similar to the one above this lines). And I didn’t have the money to get a new PS4 but instead got a new PS3 for half the price of the PS4.

I also have a Nintendo Wii wich we use basically as a Netflix player; I actually bought the first PS3 and the Wii at the same time, nintendo knows how to make thigs that lasts. The other PS3 is also a netflix player but is were I usually play my games (I don’t do PC gaming, sorry).

The problem with Wii is that it supports 480p video output only and the Netflix App is old and lacks of features that are present in the PS3, like the auto play in series; also the cache is pretty small so repeating an scene requires it to reload that chunk. So, I’ve been thinking in replacing the Wii as the default Netflix player. read more

My wishes on iOS

I’ve been an iOS user for not that long time, I come from using OS X in the desktop and Android in the mobile, but now I have an iPhone and an iPad which completes the triplet and it’s true, they are better together, although iOS can’t compare with OS X there are some things that can make it easier for many people to handle, this are again the things I don’t like and my wishes on iOS:

Let me choose my default Browser

With iOS 8 it was really a delight to be able to choose my default email client. I no longer use the Mail app, which is fine, works great but there are better options, more if you take in count that the others offer push notifications on Gmail accounts (on which I heavily depend). I won’t deny it, I like Safari, but probably if I could I would use Chrome as my default browser, and I remark “probably” because I have to admit that I like Safari, it works great but having the choice is better. read more

It’s evolution baby

We recently saw the demonstration that evolution is more powerful than anything, natural selection doing its work.

Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two phones with bigger screens than the previous iPhones. The iPhone 5 was a mark because for long time Apple said that the 3.5″ was just perfect and nobody needed a bigger phone, when they increased the iPhone 5 screen they did only in the height so you can still get to the edge of the screen with the thumb. So, what happens with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?. read more