Deleting old time machine backups

Time machine is one of those great thing that OS X have, it have saved me from reinstalling everything by hand when I experiment with my computer, making a full backup (including system, applications, configurations, etc..) helps me to erase the SSD whenever I want without worrying me about missing files. Even if you don’t want to erase your hard drive, maybe it just died, having a backup will have your system in the same way it was, just like if nothing ever happened.

But, also, Time Machine is a space consuming thing, because we create a lot of files, most of them gets backed up (for instance, I don’t backup the Download folder or the virtual machines) and when you upgrade your system a big backup is made. So, it’s easy to fill a disk

I have a 1.5 TB HDD for backups, and my backups are from april 2013, I don’t really think I need something from that far,I don’t even remember what was in my computer that time. Deleting those backups can give to me some free space. At the end Time Machine will delete those old backps when the space is out.


So, to start, I want to delete all my backups from 2013. I can use “tmutil delete” to delete them, so, lets find which ones are about to be deleted.

Now that we now which ones are going to be removed, just call “tmutil delete” to delete them.

I just hope everything go fine 😀