Do we really need all those networks ?

As you know, there is a battle in social networks, in my opinion there are too many, which is good and is also bad. The good part is that there are plenty of options, there are social networks for whatever you need to do, the most common: twitter, Facebook, instagram, snapchat. There are other less popular but also quite important, like LinkedIn, twitch or Flickr and not because they are not great platforms, but they have a niche.

So, my question, do we really need all those social networks?

My wishes on iOS

I’ve been an iOS user for not that long time, I come from using OS X in the desktop and Android in the mobile, but now I have an iPhone and an iPad which completes the triplet and it’s true, they are better together, although iOS can’t compare with OS X there are some things that can make it easier for many people to handle, this are again the things I don’t like and my wishes on iOS:

Let me choose my default Browser

With iOS 8 it was really a delight to be able to choose my default email client. I no longer use the Mail app, which is fine, works great but there are better options, more if you take in count that the others offer push notifications on Gmail accounts (on which I heavily depend). I won’t deny it, I like Safari, but probably if I could I would use Chrome as my default browser, and I remark “probably” because I have to admit that I like Safari, it works great but having the choice is better. read more

You know what would be great for the Mission Control?

Let you delete one finder instance from one of your screens, with this you may dedicate one screen to full screen apps only and the other for the rests. It’s pretty annoying to have finder selected in the secondary screen but since it is an “extension” of your primary desktop you see no icons, so, Finder can use both screens but it won’t change to the whole desktop when you select finder.

This is in first place inconsistent, and may be useless when you want to select some file from the desktop and the finder “part” that is visible is in the secondary screen. Putting the same desktop icons in both screens would definitively help, having only one desktop would be great!. read more