WTF! is wrong with Apple?


Okay, this post took to long to be written, but a week ago, Apple presented the new line of MacBook Pro’s and deprecated the old superduper-no-retina display model, something that I believe is a complete mistake from the user point of view.

I use a Mac not because of its processing power, but because of the operating system, I want to use a Unix OS that have a consisten interface and that behaves great 99.9% of the time and I just don’t mean freezing, Linux have issues with apps that don’t behave well, but more importantly, the hardware+software combination. So, don’t get me wrong, I do love Linux and I believe there is a place for each operating system (Windows is doing great too, but I need a Unix OS) and Linux on the desktop… well, not this time.

Back to the Macs. The reason of why I use a MacBook Pro is that I want the OS which is restrictive to Apple products, If I had the chance to run OS on a Dell XPS/Lenovo Thinkpad computer I’ll have such computers, but meh. Raise your hand If you like me uses an Apple computer just by the OS.

The hardware quality is Great, I have no complaint, My older apple computer lasted 5 years and I broke because of a high voltage peak, if not I would be writing this lines with that computer, but do I need to pay almost $20,000 MXN (Mexican Peso) for a computer?. The “new” MacBook Pro that I have (non-retina) was $15,000 MXN, and was kind of hard for me to get it, so, having a cheaper computer would be awesome, you need a functional computer, a machine that allows you to do work on the environment you love.

Now, Apple released a couple of computers that completely break the “functional” part of that computer, they are Super-Duper-Looking-Great computers with limited functionality. You can do your texts as you usually do, you can watch videos/movies, listen to music, you can do programming, edit videos/music and all that stuff, but you’ll have a hard time to get data to that computer other than wirelessly. The new MacBook Pro have 0 (zero) standard USB ports, it have 0 (zero) thunderbold ports, it have 0 (zero) HDMI ports, 0 Ethernet ports, there is no magsafe connector, there are only 4 USB Type-C ports. Each of them allows you to charge your computer, but you don’t need that!!.

Then, how am I supposed to pass the file to my friend?,You either send it in some form or wireless way (email, Instant Messenger, Dropbox/iCloud, etc..) or you get an adapter to connect a USB drive to the USB Type-C connector (adapter that you need to buy).

What if you want to connect you computer to your big screen so you can put your movie there and enjoy?. You need either a wireless way (Apple TV) or… an adapter!

What if you need to connect your MIDI device?, adapter, SD Card? Adapter, CD/DVD/BR Drive? Adapter, anything that is usually connected via USB or any other port will need an adapter! WTF!! why would you want to have such limited computer ??

When I got my last computer I choose the functionality over the Retina display, I wanted to be able to increase my laptop RAM (with came with 4 GB now is 8GB), to be able to switch from the standard HDD to an SSD, and to be able to repair it with a lower budget. The Retina display looks great, but gives nothing better than the old non-retina one.

The new MacBook Pro have a touch bar with allows apps to have another “bar” with actions shortcuts, is that really needed? NO! . We solved that part decades ago with keyboard shortcuts and a mouse, there is no need of a fucking touch bar.  And without that there no other great advantage of the new MBP. So, is a reduced in functionality  laptop, with a bar that isn not worth, with a super price, because you need to know, is overpriced!.

What’s the future of Apple?. I don’t know but they have lost the floor. their computer doesn’t help to solve more than the basic problems, and they are overpriced, the only reason to get a Mac now is because of macOS, and guess what?, others are doing it great, Microsoft for example, Windows 10 from an average user perspective is awesome. Linux is growing in the desktop and it’s getting better as long as the developers don’t fight each other. So in the future there will be no reason to have a Mac and Apple will fall.

Do you have any comment on why have or don’t have a MacBook Pro? leave a comment!.