So, I have a broken PS3 (the slim version, similar to the one above this lines). And I didn’t have the money to get a new PS4 but instead got a new PS3 for half the price of the PS4.

I also have a Nintendo Wii wich we use basically as a Netflix player; I actually bought the first PS3 and the Wii at the same time, nintendo knows how to make thigs that lasts. The other PS3 is also a netflix player but is were I usually play my games (I don’t do PC gaming, sorry).

The problem with Wii is that it supports 480p video output only and the Netflix App is old and lacks of features that are present in the PS3, like the auto play in series; also the cache is pretty small so repeating an scene requires it to reload that chunk. So, I’ve been thinking in replacing the Wii as the default Netflix player.

I’m thinking in getting an Apple TV for that, is cheap, small, it’s designed for video and supports Netflix. I also can do AirPlay from the iPads and play Music with iTunes. The Apple TV is pretty simple and I asume that my kids will learn how to use it pretty fast.  But..

For the same price I can get a new PS3 (slim) motherboard and get the old PS3 working again, is basically the same price. The pro: Games, I would like to say an extra BlueRay Player but to be honest we don’t play BlueRay either.

Now I need to choose, repair the PS3 and get one exclusively for me (and share the other in the living room) or the Apple TV. I don’t know.. 🙁


 I think it’s better to wait until September