I’m getting used to this

2015-10-22 21.27.55

I know I said 3D touch is not the thing, but is handy. Of course, I’m used to the usual way to do things (entering to the app and then hit the action button) and I expect the apps really make use of this technology, I hope.

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And talking about the device, It’s great, as you can see in my flickr photostream I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, pictures are great although with the bandwidth I have here (near to Guatemala) is hard to upload several pictures, not to mention videos. But pictures are fine, about 2MB in size and look definitively great (I still want my DSLR camera). In terms of performance, you can watch several videos about the 6S performance in youtube. Its also great, reloading apps happens not to often, sometimes it’s barely noticeable, sometimes it is but almost all time you won’t notice.

Battery last a bit longer than my iPhone 5C but not that much. I had issues with the battery because I use Facebook in the phone but luckily they were fixed.

I don’t use the phone to play, so, I’m not hungry for the GPU, I use the PS3 but lately I’ve been using the iPad to play This war of Mine. I might play something like Temple Run 2 but I don’t think the phone is good for playing, I mostly use it as a quick media device (social, videos, music, photos) and to quick read mails.

I’m pretty happy with the device, the complains I have are because of iOS and its strict control of the apps, but you get used to, I’m not trying to apologise it, but definitively it works and upgrades come (the iPhone 5C released in 2012 runs iOS 9.1, sadly I can’t say that on most modern Android devices which are still stuck in Android 5.0 or worse, in 4.4).

So, at the end one of the reasons for choosing an iPhone against an Android is the camera, it works fine, pretty fine and it gets system updates, I already have a MacBook Pro*, and iPad Mini, and the iPhone, they  work fine together .

* with OS X of course, I don’t understand people using a Mac with Windows, when I want to use Windows I use my wife’s laptop, which will have dual boot with Ubuntu (as she requested)