It’s evolution baby


We recently saw the demonstration that evolution is more powerful than anything, natural selection doing its work.

Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two phones with bigger screens than the previous iPhones. The iPhone 5 was a mark because for long time Apple said that the 3.5″ was just perfect and nobody needed a bigger phone, when they increased the iPhone 5 screen they did only in the height so you can still get to the edge of the screen with the thumb. So, what happens with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?.

Well, turns out that the public has spoken, the same thing happened with the iPad, people wanted a small screen and the iPad was suffering in sells because a lot of 7″ tablets were selling like hell (kindle, Nexus, Galaxy… name it) and even when the iPad was selling it was clear that they (Apple) needed a similar device to compete. The same happens with the iPhone, to many people, having a bigger screen in the Phone is a deal, but more importantly, having multiple phone sizes to please more people is the deal to the company. That’s why Samsung have a bunch of devices, from 2.5″ to more than 5″.

Also, Apple had to develop the iWatch. I do believe that this is something just to be in the wave, the Apple watch doesn’t offer anything better than the smartphone could do, neither the other wearables do, and was the opportunity to stay firm in creating products that do provide value to the user experience, not just something to get part of the pie.

I wonder where the computers department would go, in the operating system area there are already some changes, to me OS X Yosemite’s features didn’t required all that facelift, Mavericks looks a lot more pro than Windows or any Linux desktop, no need to move the icons, it’s perfect they wanted to add features like file tags, continuity (with iOS8), the new notification area, getting more integrated with iCloud etc.. but why changing the user interface?. To me transparencies should be in the past. I just hope that the hardware don’t get to big, like Alienware, or plastic.