Best pictures of the week

This last two pictures don’t belong to this week, but I like them.

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The reason why everyone is there is…

Well, the free internet access point is there.

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So far so good, movies this week.

You know, when you have kids there is little time to seat and watch a full movie at once, I usually watch movies in periods, half hour in the morning, half hour at the night and have it done in two to four days.

Read moreSo far so good, movies this week.

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Better update now if I want to play later

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Quesadilla con nopales para desayunar

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Finally, after two nights downloading

And yes, my internet connection in home is not the best, actually in Mexico if we speak abou speed it sucks everywhere , but also the PS3 is used in Netflix on the day and it download something only at the night.

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If not me who’s gonna make you happy ?

Surprise mothafocka!!

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Even in games triathlons are hard

Almost half hour hitting the “X” button to make Michael swim, pedal and run fast.

BTW, is coyote triathlon 

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Something is not okay

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I think Apple music is a banana product.

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Installing software update

OS X El Capitan system upgrade screen

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No Mr. Trump, you are wrong!

No Mr. Trump, Mexico is not sending the worst people, actually, they are the best. There are a lot of people looking for a better way of life, people that have to leave their family here to look for a better job. People that leave their country, their friends to have a better chance for their kids, people that try to grow. Those that you are talking about (ilegal immigrants) are the ones that need it the most, because of their education level a visa is not granted. Because of bureaucracy the visa is not granted, because of lack of opportunities the visa is not granted, but they are still looking for a better way to live. read more

The problem living in a hot place…

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Are you talking’ to me?

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