GitHub adds Python support for security alerts – Help Net Security

This is good, as a developer is a PITA to follow all the dependencies your app have. There are several tools to keep them up to date (updating your requirements.txt file) for future builds/updates of your app. But sometimes we just don’t follow the security flaws.

GitHub’s Security Alerts now also work for Python projects, notifying developers about vulnerabilities in software packages that their projects depend on.

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#Apple have a #serious 2FA issue

I have two factor authentication for my Apple ID, the problem is that any device with my Apple ID is able to get the code for the 2FA, so, if I try to log in in the computer it will prompt the code… in the same computer I’m trying to log in !!!

To me this is an issue, what’s the point of having 2FA if the code appears right in the device where I’m trying to log in?. It must appear on any other device except the one I have in front of me.

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Some Androids missing security updates?

Would you trust a version of the OS that is not cooked by the original author?

I’m asking this because most people trust on the android version that is cooked either by the maker of the phone, or the dealer/carrier, or in the worse case, is a “generic” version cooked by some company in Asia.

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