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Just a small post about TripMode a small app (and kernel extension) that helps a lot to control which program is having access to internet, not only incoming connections but more importantly outgoing when you are on a limited connection.

Since a little more than a month I’ve moved to a place where the internet connection was not that good. I used do have 20Mb/s connection and was working perfectly fine, but when I moved here.. well.. the internet was pretty unstable and the bandwidth was like with dial-up modems.

TripMode help me a lot to let some applications use internet, example, Chrome, iTerm, SSH, and some other command line programs, but forbid others like App Store, Updates, the Photos Agent, Dropbox, etc.. of course I can allow any of them whenever I want/need. This to allow all the important apps to have internet, the most possible bandwidth. 

That was in the small town where I was a week ago, then one week I didn’t have a landline and I had to use my cellphone internet, which is fast but is expensive, and TripMode helped to limit the internet usage, so I didn’t finish my cellphone’s credit. This was awesome

Note this is not a paid post, I just like this app and deserves my recommendation.