What Happened to Cyrix Processors? | Nostalgia Nerd – YouTube

Do you know there were another processor in the competition than intel (the x86 holder) and AMD?. Cyrix was in the 80’s and 90’s a real PITA to intel. Unfortunately, they were behind intel because intel was in the design part, they seemed to be always cloning intel instead of creating their new tech.

I don’t know what was rally the difference that made Cyrix to die and AMD to be what it is now.

PS. I still remember working with some AMD Geode chips (which were Cyrix before AMD bought them from National Semiconductors). read more

Things that can make macOS better

I use macOS as the main OS in my computer, actually the only one in my personal computer, but I have other computers with Linux as desktop too, but macOS is the one that I use the most. And over the time I have learned how to get more from the OS as the default installation.

For example, I currently don’t use Spotlight, I use another tool called “Alfred” you all might know it.

Alfred > Spotlight

Spotlight was a good thing back in the days were it was basically a search tool for the OS living in the corner, where nobody looks. But it was not good as a some sort of launcher, and having all my apps in the Dock was not a good idea. Then Alfred arrived and it came with other functionality like workflows and search in places where spotlight just don’t do, also the fuzzy word search (like GC and expect to get Google Chrome) works very well. read more

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