Tech Analysis: Is Uncharted 4 The Best Looking Game of All Time? – YouTube

I really enjoyed this game, I finished it about a month ago and I can say that the detail in this game is awesome considering that the main purpose of a game is to entertain.
The Story is awesome, this is the first time I played one of the games of the Uncharted saga and the previous games have to be as good as this one in the story part.

Highly recommended if you have a PS4 and want to play a game some kind of similar to what Tomb Raider is, although I think this is better.

PS3 vs PS4

I recently had a chance to get a new PS4, the Slim version, I also have the PS4 3rd gen (Super Slim) version. In both consoles I have Destiny which I rarely play in the PS3 but I’ve been doing regularly in the PS4, but more importantly GTAV.

I played GTAV a lot in the PS3 I ended the story mode and reached level 62 in Multiplayer. I stop playing multiplayer when I came here to Tapachula because Internet sucks here (Big thanks to you Telmex) whenever I try to connect online a timeout occurs in PS3, but in PS4 the connection is quite fast and stable, I’m able even to communicate via microphone with my 2Mb connection I have in home (now you see?, Telmex sucks!). read more