Java vs. Python: Which One Is Best for You? | @DevOpsSummit #APM #Java #Python |

So, basically, both are fine but it depends on what you need (as with most tools).

In my opinion a less verbose language is better, also, python have tons of packages installable via pip, is C++ extensible (for those scenarios where speed matters) and is present in most platforms.

Also, although there is an Open Source Java implementation, not all the “core” libraries are, I mean, you can’t just replace Oracle’s Java with the Open Source and expect everything will run just fine, probably will, but slower. read more

? Give me back my space (or how to recover 2GB of space in #iOS garbage)

Jajajaja, finally recovered those 2GB

For some reason the freaking iOS take all that space in caches that you can’t access or release, it’s managed by the system ?.

After doing the “ghost pictures” method (set the calendar back in time and go to recently deleted pictures…) I still had 2 GB wasted somewhere. The difference is spotted on what iTunes said my iPhone had as free storage and what is shown in my iPhone general settings.

I remember that one method to erase those caches is by filling your iPhone storage, doing that the system will hurry in deleting those files to give space for the upcoming. There are several apps that do this for you (in some way) by creating an empty file but set to fill the remaining space. Using HFS+ this is possible because by just creating the file and setting what is supposed to use the FS will create such big file and then the watchdogs will release the wasted space, but now with APFS that can’t be done, you can create a file and set what is the desired size, but the FS will not fill it, will be just an empty file with some K’s of space, then, no watchdogs is activated and no space freed. read more

Is this how adults should behave?

I do agree that kids know the doll they use to play is not a real woman (the same with kids that know that the max steel in their hand is not a real man), they use their imagination to create scenarios where they entertain themselves, but is precisely the illusion of “it is real” what makes that imagination grow. Kids needs to believe in Santa Claus, The Three Magic Kings, the fairy tooth, the easter rabbit and even in God, and we all need imagination if we want to create things. We don’t want depressed or obsessed kids. We want them happy. read more

High price on a system with a built-in “compress” feature?, who the hell runs WinZip?

I was looking for rar applications on the App Store, and I saw that WinZip was there, although the price was scaring knowing that OS X have a built in compress/decompress feature, no need to use WinZip, still, knowing that maybe some Windows nostalgic user wants to the WinZip app it would be better to have a lower price (even a free version). Why bother in paying a $99USD developer license if your app will probably sell 0 licenses.

Which remind me this:

Selling an Anti Spam solution sending Spam?

So, this mail arrived to my “Junk” mailbox, for those that don’t speak spanish it says:

You are reading this because your email service allows unwanted emails.

Is estimated that every person spends between one and three working days days just in this activity, for one person with an income of 6,000 the cost is approximately 580 pesos annually without taking care the cost of stop doing the productive tasks in that time…

First, I got to this mail because I was cleaning the junk mail (deleting and yes, I know this is done automatically by the Mail server, but I wanted to delete it anyway) and when the mailbox was clean this message arrived so it was the only one and was the lucky one. read more