PS3 vs PS4

I recently had a chance to get a new PS4, the Slim version, I also have the PS4 3rd gen (Super Slim) version. In both consoles I have Destiny which I rarely play in the PS3 but I’ve been doing regularly in the PS4, but more importantly GTAV.

I played GTAV a lot in the PS3 I ended the story mode and reached level 62 in Multiplayer. I stop playing multiplayer when I came here to Tapachula because Internet sucks here (Big thanks to you Telmex) whenever I try to connect online a timeout occurs in PS3, but in PS4 the connection is quite fast and stable, I’m able even to communicate via microphone with my 2Mb connection I have in home (now you see?, Telmex sucks!).

But, how good is GTAV in PS4 against the same version in PS3 ?. Just check this video:

I dare to say that it’s even better in the PS4 than in the XBox One, the story is the same, but the amount of stuff rendered by the PS4 is more than the other three consoles. I’m glad to have the PS4.

On a side note, many people is getting the XBox one because of the price, a refurbished one is around $200 USD here (without kinect and without game), but even a new one is around $300 wich is far more cheap than the PS4.

Btw, if you want to play with me, my username in PSN is “markuzmx”.

You might also want to watch my first time playing GTA V on the PS4:

You don’t have a PS4, you can get one [amazon asin=B01LZG807Q&text=here] also get GTAV [amazon asin=B00KVSQ848&text=here]