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I recently had a chance to get a new PS4, the Slim version, I also have the PS4 3rd gen (Super Slim) version. In both consoles I have Destiny which I rarely play in the PS3 but I’ve been doing regularly in the PS4, but more importantly GTAV.

I played GTAV a lot in the PS3 I ended the story mode and reached level 62 in Multiplayer. I stop playing multiplayer when I came here to Tapachula because Internet sucks here (Big thanks to you Telmex) whenever I try to connect online a timeout occurs in PS3, but in PS4 the connection is quite fast and stable, I’m able even to communicate via microphone with my 2Mb connection I have in home (now you see?, Telmex sucks!). read more

One of the most annoying thing in GTA V online #PS3 @RockstarGames

This also happens in the “Heists” missions, and you know what happens when one member of the crew dies… basically this makes impossible to play heists which by now is pretty hard to start the mession to be killed just starting it.

Read moreOne of the most annoying thing in GTA V online #PS3 @RockstarGames

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I’ve got Destiny around January, I bought a new PS3 because the old one died and this came with Destiny for about $271, since I’m an occasional player (not too often) now and the PS3 is also for my wife who likes to watch Netflix, getting this PS3 was a good idea to me.

Well, I’ve got it, it came with Destiny, and I haven’t played more than three missions, the reason?, the fucking game needs internet for you to play. So, instead I bought GTA V and played it. I’ve done the story mode and not really that much of the multiplayer since everyone plays on its own, but at least the story mode is done, EVERYTHING in the store mode.  Something that I just can’t do in Destiny. read more