The man died trying to kill, the bull killed trying to stay alive

Sad the bullfighter died. Now the bull has to die and all its family (quite probably this already happened). I don’t see a reason to keep this kind of events alive. What’s the reason to have to kill an animal that doesn’t know that the hell is happening. Just by sport?, feeling superior to other species?

It’s not fair, most adults have the ability kill a bull (with a weapon), I don’t see something respectable in fighting a bull that has been bleeding, that was deteriorated before the “fight”, a fight that is expected to lose. The only way to win is to provide a “good” show, but the bull doesn’t know about that, it is not trained to do that and the chances to do it are pretty low. read more

Mexican hypocrisy

Nothing but the true, many of the people that I know put their facebook avatar with colo stripes showing their support to what in the moment was the gay proud. They don’t remember or even feel embarased about that.

Note, this doesn’t happen only with LGTB, there are many other cases, like the native people victims of racism. Most people publish in their facebook wall that they support local business but they won’t stop buying at oxxo (something like 7 eleven). Other people “support” using bycile for transportation but they use the bike lanes for the cars and get mad if someone asks them to move. Or people that support fitnes and healty way of life but drinks one or two liter of soda a day, eat hamburguers, mexican fast food and no exercise at all. read more

No Mr. Trump, you are wrong!

No Mr. Trump, Mexico is not sending the worst people, actually, they are the best. There are a lot of people looking for a better way of life, people that have to leave their family here to look for a better job. People that leave their country, their friends to have a better chance for their kids, people that try to grow. Those that you are talking about (ilegal immigrants) are the ones that need it the most, because of their education level a visa is not granted. Because of bureaucracy the visa is not granted, because of lack of opportunities the visa is not granted, but they are still looking for a better way to live. read more

IFE.. or INE… Inefficient

Today I’ve  tried to renovate I’m federal ID, that ID is used for everything although in most cases it is just an identification but it is required for many means.

Since my current ID has expired I cannot do anything that involves the ID. The solution just renovate, but there’s a problem.. In order to renovate it you have to go to the IFE (INE) the requirements are: an updated and original birth certificate and something that proves where you live.

and that’s where my problem starts, I don’t have any original birth certificates, I just couldn’t find one in my house, I have copies but they just don’t work. I wonder why do I have to give that papers if the only thing I want is to get a new card. They are supposed to have my data already and providing the original current ID should be enough. read more