I’ve got Destiny around January, I bought a new PS3 because the old one died and this came with Destiny for about $271, since I’m an occasional player (not too often) now and the PS3 is also for my wife who likes to watch Netflix, getting this PS3 was a good idea to me.


Well, I’ve got it, it came with Destiny, and I haven’t played more than three missions, the reason?, the fucking game needs internet for you to play. So, instead I bought GTA V and played it. I’ve done the story mode and not really that much of the multiplayer since everyone plays on its own, but at least the story mode is done, EVERYTHING in the store mode.  Something that I just can’t do in Destiny.

I shouldn’t care about this, but the crappy internet connection that Telmex provides to me just don’t help me, sometimes it is okay, sometimes it is not, is not a reliable connection to get a connection 100% online, more if you use UDP instead o TCP (ssh connections and videos play nice..).

A real deal breaker when playing #Destiny... Why the hell internet is REQUIRED to play??  #ps3 #fail
A real deal breaker when playing #Destiny… Why the hell internet is REQUIRED to play?? #ps3 #fail

I understand that getting online could improve the experience, while playing you find some other players that are in the same mission that you, then you make team with them and that sounds fantastically, but it does not when by a fraction of a second you loss connection with the server and just about to finish the level you are dropped and return back to the mission select screen. That is not okay, if you loss connection is okay, keep playing the freaking mission alone until you finish it.

I’ve loved the way Watchdogs make it possible to be playing the standalone then someone starts “hacking” you, then you have to find him and stop the hack. But there is no problem if you just don’t have internet!

Also, from the small part I’ve played, Destiny story is not that good and the gameplay is… pretty boring. Still, i’d like to be able to play this thing, so. if bungie could please stop requiring internet to play the story mode, that would be great!