IFE.. or INE… Inefficient


Today I’ve  tried to renovate I’m federal ID, that ID is used for everything although in most cases it is just an identification but it is required for many means.

Since my current ID has expired I cannot do anything that involves the ID. The solution just renovate, but there’s a problem.. In order to renovate it you have to go to the IFE (INE) the requirements are: an updated and original birth certificate and something that proves where you live.

and that’s where my problem starts, I don’t have any original birth certificates, I just couldn’t find one in my house, I have copies but they just don’t work. I wonder why do I have to give that papers if the only thing I want is to get a new card. They are supposed to have my data already and providing the original current ID should be enough.

Well, I’ll have to get someone to send to me that birth certificate from the place where I was born because, as you may know, I can’t get one here, I’m not in the records/books.

I think it should be possible to get a new birth certificate on any municipal office on any state, we are in the age of the information, internet makes it possible to have either a central database or one per estate with the records of every citizen, the any other municipal office could query. With that you can get a new birth certificate everywhere, just request it in the apropriate office.

yes, it’s my fault not having the birth certificate, but things could definitively improve if nonsensical papers are required and if the can’t get rid off it the make it easy to get new ones.