The best MacBook Pro is the one that is obsolete

As you might noticed from this blog and my twitter account, I have (and love) my MacBook Pro, is not the new one, is actually an “obsolete” one, the MacBook Pro 13″ that is not retina display.

It has been failing to me in the last couple of months until now that is completely death. So long my beloved MacBook Pro 13″ (early 2011). Five years straight. There is still a chance to get it back if I can get a new charging sensor circuit, but I don’t rely on that.

So, I have to get a new one. And I’ve got: The MacBook Pro 9.2 (Late 2012). As you can see, is a bit “old” (although this one was built on March 2016). read more

Almost 4

This is my computer, for personal and work stuff and is almost four years old, maybe if you own apple product for more time that I’ve done this doesn’t mean nothing, but to me it is, being a PC user for most of my life I’ve never been with a computer this long, the desktops were obsoletes ant the laptops broken, basically from the keyboard.

So, I really love this computer.

from Flickr