Moto Z and Moto Mods review – YouTube

Interesting phone, the Moto Z is beautiful to me, although with some design issues (in my opinion) like the fact that the speaker is in the top front, the exact same speaker you use to hear your calls, I hope it doesn’t start playing a loud alarm when you are in the middle of a call.

What calls to my attention is how pretty and how well designed they are, I definitively will go for the force version because of the battery and the shatter-proof display, having a device that is strong enough so you can avoid a protective case helps a lot because you are seeing the well design device (not just a beautiful one with something on top that hides it).

There is another device that I thin will rock, the Moto G, the Moto G seems to continue with the path of the first Moto G, a really good device that has what it needs to have: Good spects, nothing fancy with a good price. The good news is the new Moto G comes in two versions, the simple and the Plus which is a bit bigger, have more ram, better camera and a fingerprint scanner.

Such a good devices, thank you motorola ?, you rock!