Another thing that iOS needs to improve


I have to create an email for work, I usually respond to email in my computer but since it have no power (I left it like that, I’m doing the monthly maintenance), I tried to do it I my iPad.

The message must contain a PDF file, the good thing is: that file is in Dropbox, so, just get that file and Do the mail. Wrong.

Dropbox in iOS doesn’t let you export the documents, if you want to “share” a file e you send only the link to the file but no the file. In some cases you need to send the file not the link to the file (automatic email processing for example). What did I did?

Took my phone with android, went to Dropbox, hit the three dots button and a menu opened, then select the “export” option, select the GMail app, create my message and sent it. That simple.

iOS is definitively far behind android. Is just not that easy to use.