So, finally discover how to set the default blog in WordPress

I have multiple blogs, one personal and others for projects that I have, I trust in WordPress because it’s pretty flexible and since version 3.5 the improvements are awesome, making the writing a lot easier.

Still I had a problem, I’m used to the WordPress app for iOS and Mac to avoid having to load the whole page. It is kind of limited (not all plugins are available in the App) but for a quick post it works. Well, the problem I had is that I post mostly to my personal blog, but one of my projects blog was the default and I didn’t knew how to set a default. I event asked for help.

Well, today I discovered that it is possible.

First, you need to go to and go to your account settings.

Then go to the Account settings section.


And there just select your default blog. hit save and you are done!.

How is that I didn’t do this before?.