I bought this battery-case last friday, and it works pretty good, it has 3000mAh, which gives me 1.74 battery time (if I don’t use the phone while charging).

Reasons to have a battery pack?. Well, I don’t like to be on the bottom of the battery, call me paranoid but I just don’t like the idea of having 0 power on a device (this happens with my laptop too). And knowing the iPhone has a 1715mAh battery getting it close to discharge is quite easy.

The phone last to me about the whole day, but is not comparable to what I was used to with the Moto G (the one I had before getting the iPhone) which used to last a couple of days.

I highly recommend this case although is “old” in terms of tech stuff, you know, new stuff every day, one device/gear that is two years old is.. old, but it works great, and I can rest knowing that I have extra juice in the case.

On “what I don’t like”. like in the next video, I don’t like that it covers the headphone jack and while it provides an adapter is would be better to not require it, so you have to use that or use a bluetooth headphones, I do have a couple but in my opinions they don’t sound that great, I use them mostly for running.

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