Stranger Things


This weekend Cristina and I watched the first season of “Stranger Things” a new original from Netflix. I’ll try to avoid any spoiler so  this post might be a little short, still I think it deserves a recommendation from my part.

So, where should I start?. The story, again, no spoiler. The story is great, so far the eight chapters (around 1 hour each one) had us trying to figure what is coming in the next chapter. Is definitively not boring and in my opinion is quite well placed, a small town in what I believe is around the 80’s. Being an “80’s” drama, all the town must look like an 80’s town, so cars, TVs, radio and other stuff is pretty much accurate although there are some mistakes.

Next the actors, kids and the characters are good, Winona Ryder definitively made a good paper as a desperate mom trying to find her kid. The chief is also a great character and is well performed by David Harbour, the kids do it great too, I think Dustin Henderson is my favorite, and although they are kinda needed, I don’t really like the teenagers performance. They were like just filling the hole.

I like the idea of having a season two, but I don’t know if it will work the same, I mean, it can’t be just more of the same, it has to change and I’m not sure if those will be good enough.

I highly recommend it, go watch it and let me know if you like it.