In Mexico more and more states are making illegal the bullfight, but the Spanish bullfighting in which the bull is killed and mutilated if it was good for the show.

I do condemn that kind of events just because there’s animal abuse. Many people call it an “art” but there’s not any that could be it. First because even when the fighting bull is aggressive by instinct it’s not a reason to kill it. Lions are aggressive, hippos are aggressive and killing one is not allowed in many places, you need a specific permission and to be in the season to do it by sport (and I disagree killing animals by sport), not by mere art. 

Some people states that those animals exists because of that show, if the show ends then they are doomed to extinction. So be it. To me it’s preferable that a specie became extinct instead of making them reproduce to kill them in a show.

But I’m pretty sure that even if the bull fights became illegal in the whole world that race of Bulls will not be erased fro the earth. I mean, there are lots of species that are in risk of extinction and there are efforts to preserve them, being in natural conditions or in a zoo. 

I’m pretty happy that in Mexico that kind of shows are getting forbidden.

Now what about the use of animals for our meals… I think that’s cruel too. We need to get the nutrition and flavor from somewhere else. I hope projects like “Soylent” become more and more popular and allows us to forget about killing animals for meat. Also, help places where food is scarce.

What do you think about bull fighting ?. Let me know in the comments.