What if we are all GoogleBots?

Somebody please tell me if I’m totally wrong or I realize that google is even more evil.

Me, probably you, and many other million people use Google products, many of them are free to use but do we know why?. Media consumption you may say, Google needs to keep internet alive. Push the new technologies in order to have Youtube running and getting clicks in AdSense, and that sounds pretty… real.

Conspiranoic Alert. But, do you know how many machines does Google uses as google bot (internet crawler)?. I don’t, but I think we are all Google Bots, we use Chrome and its mobile operating system but basically Chrome, Chrome parses the web page in order to render it, then, it knows what we see. and send some meta data to Google servers, or in the best, just ping the crawlers to let them know about an interesting page. read more