What makes a Mac a Mac

I think that Macs are expensive computers, but any other computer with the same hardware should cost more or less the same.

Yes, you can get cheaper computers with the same processor, more storage and the same amount of ram, but is not just CPU-RAM-HDD what makes a computer a good computer. Is everything that is around those.

The display, the quality of construction, the durability of the keyboard, the battery   and I don’t mean just getting 10 hours of battery, I mean how many years that battery is going to work fine.

I have the same Mac for almost 5 years, I upgraded the RAM from 4GB to 8. And changed the 5400 rpm HDD to an SSD (which I highly recommend). But aside from that everything else is the same.

Now the other side of the coin. I had “PC” laptops that at most were with me for two years and I had to replace the keyboard. A couple of  HP/Compaq, one Dell and one Acer. The battery died in the first year. Were they cheaper?  Yes, but at the end I had to get two or three laptops in five years. Not cool.

The operating system is another key piece. Whether you like it or not, the best desktop operating system seems to be OS X. The power of UNIX and simplicity not matched by any other OS. Windows is arelly good operating system but in my opinion not as good. Linux have the freedom, the choices, but let’s be honest, is not the easiest OS.

Of course Windows and Linux are great OS, and I believe they are superior than OS X in other fields, Linux is great as a server, Windows is no doubt the Desktop OS for PCs and gaming, but OS X is better as a desktop OS (of course, in a Mac)

So, what makes a Mac a Mac is the mixture between a well done hardware and the software. You don’t spend €600 for just for the machine and €600 for the apple logo, you get great hardware and great software that works as expected, that lasts, and ensures that will keep working among upgrades.