So, we went to watch the new Star Wars

And although it was good, to me it was not a memorable movie, better than the first three episodes yes, better than the 4-6 ? No.

A couple of spoilers alter. Stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Basically the same, Rebels vs The bad guys. They even had the killed parent. The different part is that the Jedi is a woman now (trying to be inclusive?) and there’s a bit more of humor with chewbacca and Han Solo.

Also, Kylo Ren is the worst villain I’ve ever seen in Star Wars. Just think about this: a fucking storm trooper hit him with a laser blade. Kylo could just use the force a twist his neck and No more Finn for the saga. Also, a girl with no training who discovered her Jedi powers 15 minutes before beat the ass of Kylo, a Commander of the dark side…

There are several mistakes, but at the end is just a movie, not what I expected but not worse than the other movies.