Last Saturday I went with my father and a friend to take some measures of my father’s orange field, a not so simple task to forget about the daily work (yes, work can help you to relax) and also a chance to get some really fresh oranges (just taken from the tree).

Since my father has used zero fertiliser, grass killer or any other chemical the oranges are pure joy! some of them taste like lime, some others are a bit acid (like normal oranges), I easily ate four in the 20 minutes we were there (after we measure the field) and took at least 30 to home, my dad took another bunch to home and to my brother, Marcos (my friend in the picture below) did the same.

Yumy yumy fresh orange!!!

Yumy yumy fresh orange!!!

IMG_20141206_130106IMG_20141206_093240IMG_20141206_103112IMG_20141206_103250IMG_20141206_131712IMG_20141206_113808IMG_20141206_103129IMG_20141206_114611IMG_20141206_112647IMG_20141206_130059IMG_20141206_130107Viscosos pero sabrosos!!IMG_20141206_093227