Microsoft Windows 10


Microsoft presented a sneak peak of what Windows 10 well be  to be honest I think this is the refinement to Windows 8 that was required.

I personally find Windows as a desktop operating system pretty good, something that is in most of the ordinal computers in the world has to have something good.

Since Windows 7 I found it pretty useful, with Windows 8 the main drawback was the lack of the start menu but with windows 10 I see that those rough corners in 8 are gone.

The thing I like the most is the new switch between the laptop mode and the table mode, we will see an increasing number of hybrid devices that can switch functionality, just like Microsoft surface.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not switching to Windows, it still lacks of all the flexibility that a POSIX compliant operating system have, but for a desktop user that would be great.

I believe this the best way to do one interface to rule them all, Canonical has tried to do something similar, but the problem is that unity is not stable enough and I don’t know when it would be, I wonder if it will ever be.

The bad part of that is that Windows is still a privative operating system, even when the upgrade may be free, they finally realized that the operating system is the best platform to sell things, but even with that, Windows 10 seems to be a good upgrade (again, from an average computer system user).