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Yahoo really screw up with Flickr

Yahoo really screw it up Flickr for android :-(

I've been a Flickr user since 2004, 10 years since I bought my Pro account and I love the service it provides. For a long time it was pretty much the same but since Marissa Mayer took the rides of Yahoo one of the service that has received the most changes is Flickr.

Many of this changes are good changes, I love the new web interface, although is not mobile friendly it works like a charm in the desktop. Also is more picture centred without cutting any of the features that make Flickr what it is: A community for photographers.

The Flickr App was also good, still there were some bugs but in general was pretty good. They recently (a couple of days ago) released the Flickr 3.0 app for iOS and Android. They are a mayor overhaul of the app and even when the app looks prettier they did something that never, never should had done. They removed features.

Many users are complaining that there is no longer possible to add a picture to a group/set, one of the key features of Flickr (communities). Also, the main "page"shows one picture at the time of your contacts, while the version 2.X shoed several pictures in a tile.

One of the most complained changes is that now the pictures tile is a squared cropped set of pictures, many don't like this, flickr should respect the picture aspect. I do like it, it's just a simple way to present a thumbnail, but also, liked a lot to see the whole picture (in thumbnail) at the picture list.

One of the things that I'm not so happy is the new camera, it looks nice, but cropping the picture is missing, at least in the Android app. There is no way to fine tune the picture as it was before, There are no ways to add frames, just some filters, white/color balance and that's it. Just too simple to be taken serious (I'm using Snapseed by now and sharing via email).

At first look it seems that The 3.0 version is a good upgrade, but it's just a good looking featureless upgrade.
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